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Daylesford Walking Tours

Alice’s Journeys Walking Tours of Daylesford will stir your imagination, leaving you with a sense of wonder and surprise. It’s a fun, healthy and relaxing way to enjoy a few hours.
Long weekends are for getting outdoors and exploring the world around us. Get out and about to discover the living museum of Daylesford on foot. It’s easy walking, and you’ll enjoy great views of the surrounding region along the way. 

Locals and visitors alike will be enthralled by the topics and unique insight shared. Your independent local guide will share secrets and stories while visiting key sites around town. You’ll leave knowing more about the region’s pre-colonial, colonial and even prehistoric past.

Tours go for 1.5 hours and cover approximately 2 to 3 kilometres of Daylesford. The pace is gentle, but there are some hills. Wear good walking shoes and comfortable clothing suitable for the season. 

100 Vincent St Daylesford VIC 3460

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