A Travellers Guide

A Travellers Guide to Planning an Unforgettable Trip to Daylesford and Hepburn Springs

Step 1: Determine Travel Dates and Duration

Select the ideal dates for your escape to Daylesford and Hepburn Springs, considering factors such as weather preferences and availability. Decide on the duration of your trip, whether it’s a weekend getaway, a midweek stay, or an extended vacation.

TIP: Discover Daylesford offers discounts for last-minute bookings, midweek stays, and longer visits.


Step 2: Find your Perfect Accommodation

Explore a range of accommodation options across Discover Daylesford’s extensive portfolio of gorgeous holiday homes, from sprawling estates and family homes to cosy cottages and private retreats, there’s something to suit everyone. Be sure to consider your preferences for amenities, location, and budget. Read reviews, compare prices, and remember to make reservations well in advance if you don’t want to miss out on your preferred choice.

TIP: Our home page search widget on our website will help you to narrow down availability for your selected dates across the portfolio, and the individual calendar of each property page will give you greater visibility on available dates.


Step 3: Plan Your Itinerary

Research the attractions, activities, and experiences offered in Daylesford and Hepburn Springs. Consider your interests, whether it’s exploring nature, indulging in spa treatments, or savouring gourmet cuisine. Create a flexible itinerary that allows for relaxation and exploration, including a mix of must-visit landmarks and hidden gems.

TIP: Speak to one of the friendly Discover Daylesford experience facilitators for some insider knowledge and local secrets for the ultimate experience. Discover Daylesford’s customer service line is (03) 5312 2772 or you can email stay@discoverdaylesford.com 

The Daylesford Information Centre is another great resource and can be contacted on 1800 454 891


Step 4: Book Spa and Wellness Experiences

Daylesford and Hepburn Springs are renowned for their spa and wellness culture. Research and book appointments at the region’s top spas and wellness centres in advance, ensuring you have the opportunity to indulge in relaxing massages, mineral baths, and rejuvenating treatments.

TIP: It’s best to make your spa and beauty reservations at the same time as booking your accommodation to ensure you don’t miss out. Visit www.discoverdaylesford.com/spas-wellness for our top picks!

Step 5: Explore the Natural Beauty

Discover the region’s natural wonders by planning outdoor activities. Research walking trails, bike trails, gardens, and parks in Daylesford and Hepburn Springs. Consider visiting Lake Daylesford, Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve, or nearby Hepburn Regional Park for serene walks, bike rides,  picnics, and stunning views.

TIP: A guide to some of our favourite things to see and do during your trip is available at discoverdaylesford.com/things-to-do and the Visit Hepburn Shire website visithepburnshire.com.au/daylesford is another great resource to keep in your tool kit when planning your trip.

Step 6: Indulge in Gourmet Delights

Daylesford and Hepburn Springs boast a vibrant culinary scene with some of Victoria’s most celebrated restaurants and eateries. Research and make reservations at acclaimed restaurants, cafes, and wineries, ensuring you experience the region’s farm-to-table cuisine and exquisite wines. Our top pics are available on the Food & Shopping tab of our website www.discoverdaylesford.com/shopping

TIP: Don’t forget to visit the local farmers’ markets to sample fresh produce and artisanal delights.


Step 7: Embrace the Arts and Culture

Immerse yourself in the artistic and cultural offerings of Daylesford and Hepburn Springs. Visit galleries, art spaces, and exhibitions showcasing local talent. Check event listings for live music performances, theatre shows, or festivals taking place during your visit.

TIP: The Daylesford Macedon Rages Tourism website is a hive of activity and a great reference for what’s on, visit www.daylesfordmacedonlife.com.au/events to stay in the know.


Step 8: Pack Accordingly

Consider the weather and activities planned when packing for your trip. Pack comfortable walking shoes, layered clothing for varying temperatures, swimwear for spa visits, and any specific items required for outdoor adventures or dining experiences.

TIP: If you get stuck when you’re here, or if you fancy a new weekend outfit, be sure to visit some of our local privately owned shops and boutiques at www.discoverdaylesford.com/shopping


Step 9: Plan Transportation

Decide on your preferred mode of transportation, whether it’s driving, taking public transportation, or hiring a car. Plan your route, noting any scenic stops or attractions along the way. Ensure you have maps, GPS, or navigation apps to navigate the area. The local Daylesford Taxi Service can be booked in advance on (03) 53481111.

TIP: For a unique experience why not book a chauffeur-driven van? Our friends Adam 0422 253 236 or Jack 0475 366 176 offer a premium transfer service with luxury vans servicing the region. Advance bookings are essential.


Step 10: Prepare for Relaxation and Enjoyment

As your trip approaches, finalise your plans, confirm reservations, ensure you’ve provided all necessary information, complete your online check-in form, and pack your bags! Leave room for flexibility and spontaneity, allowing yourself to fully embrace the relaxation and enjoyment that Daylesford and Hepburn Springs offer and take home a local memento of your trip.


By following this step-by-step guide, your trip promises to be a memorable and rejuvenating experience. So get ready to Stay, Explore, Relax, and Indulge in our beautiful region as you Discover Daylesford and everything it has to offer. Remember to tag us in your photos on the socials: @discoverdaylesford and #discoverdaylesford

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