Enki Organics & Apothecary

Daylesford Holistic Apothecary

Enki Organics is a holistic apothecary based in Daylesford, Victoria’s wellness capital.

Jesse is a Sommelier turned Herbalist and Artisan Distiller producing essential oils, skin-care, botanical extracts and herbal tinctures & tonics from scratch. His training and history within the wine industry give him a great understanding of the importance of grower production, terroir and regionality. His production process is extremely in depth and rooted in traditional alchemy, herbal medicine and philosophy.

Enki Organics is focused on growing nutritionally dense botanical ingredients in-house with Beyond Organic principles. Enki Organics sources locally grown and certified organic ingredients from other growers and producers with a strong focus on regionality and single origin. The offering is represented by three distinct categories; Essential Oils, Body Care & Herbal Tonics.

39b Albert St Daylesford VIC 3460