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Connections are the lifeblood of any business. With an ever-increasing number of apps, maps, search engines and social media sites, customers are searching for authoritative and accurate business information when looking for restaurant opening times or nearby events etc. With the combined effort of all our local businesses we can organically rank higher in search engines for all things Daylesford without costly Adwords and bidding against each other (which pushes the prices higher).

Working together, combining our efforts to support one another we can significantly increase our organic reach within the big search engines out there, thus reducing marketing expenses and reaching quality customers who are actively looking for ‘a cafe in daylesford‘ or ‘what’s open in daylesford now‘. We can do that by listing together in one authoritative site, referring our customers and visitors to find local businesses here, post their reviews and photo’s, check opening times etc. on your business listings and showcasing all our beautiful region has to offer.

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  • + 1 Free business listing
  • + Appear in search, filter & map results
  • + Discover Daylesford & Partners E-Badge
  • + Purchase additional add-ons


3 Month Min Term
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Per Week
  • Your featured listing includes:
  • + 1 Free business listing
  • + Appear in search, filter & map results
  • + Discover Daylesford & Partners E-Badge
  • + Featured category page tile
  • + Monthly social media
  • + Above the fold logo and link
  • + Purchase additional listings
  • + In-house literature/menus/offers.
  • + Banner Advert (unlimited impressions)
  • + Purchase additional Banner Adverts
  • + Email Campaigns to Discover Daylesford Holiday Accommodation Guests


Our free listing is available for any business or individual with an Australian Business Number (ABN). Your FREE listing will be searchable within the Discover Daylesford Search Engine for FREE too. 

We aim to be the ‘go-to’ site for visitors to the region. Bypass Google, bypass high competition searches and bypass expensive SEM Adword fees and list here instead.

Please contact us to discuss any additional premium add-ons i.e. banner adverts, extra listings, sponsored blogs or sponsored EDM campaigns.


If you’re still looking for a competitive edge you can take advantage of our ‘Featured’ plan. $14.95 per week will ensure your business has a prominent position on its respective category ‘stay, explore, relax, indulge and business services’ page, making it easier for locals and visitors to find what they’re looking for from a site that specialises in Daylesford and the surrounding region.

You can purchase additional add-ons i.e. banner adverts, extra listings, sponsored blogs or sponsored EDM campaigns at a cheaper rate on this plan.

To get started simply follow the three step registration process above. To purchase additional add-ons or to upgrade to our ‘Featured’ plan please contact the team on +61 422 973 460 or email

How it Works

Visit Discover Daylesford to find what’s nearby, businesses, events, business opening hours etc. You can search keywords or browse our category pages to find out what’s happening or nearby to you while in Daylesford, Hepburn Springs & surrounds.

Discover Places

Let's uncover the best places to stay, explore, relax & indulge in Daylesford and surrounding areas.

Bookmark Places

Bookmark places of interest and plan your trip. Use this site as your one stop reference point for contact information, opening hours + more.

Write Recommendations

Help other visitors to the region understand the best places to stay, explore, relax & indulge.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to ensure every business in our region can list on the Discover Daylesford website. Websites can get costly to run, and by limiting the load we can keep our expenses low and provide real value. Of course there is an option to add on services and purchase additional listings. The cost of these services help fund our ongoing server costs.

The free listing provides an overview of the important information people search for when they are looking for you online. For example, your location, contact number, email, opening hours, reviews + more. When you’re planning a weekend away somewhere and not familiar with the region it can get difficult understanding what’s nearby to your accommodation or what’s even open. We aim to make the process of planning a trip to Daylesford and surrounding region as easy as possible. By helping us keep this information up to date we can create great experiences for our visitors, in turn repeat custom and profitability for you and all of our communities.

The Discover Daylesford search engine is similar to Google. You can search in the ‘What are you looking for?’ space on the front page of the site, and be provided a list of businesses within the region that can provide the goods or services you searched for. We display the businesses in a variety of orders determined by filters. If you enabled the location option within the search field the results should show what’s closest to you first. However, there are other filters you can apply such as ‘highest rating’ business that accept ‘credit card’ etc. This free feature of our site will save many businesses in the region from paying expensive Google Adwords and Search Engine Marketings fees.

It’s good digital manners and always good to share the love. The badge is a great way to show visitors to your website or social media that you’re a Discover Daylesford & Partners Cooperative member and that you’re community focussed and supporting local business without any significant effort.

Additional services¬† are designed to increase your visibility on the site. For example, featuring your business in a banner advert on one of our site pages. Or, inculding your business in one of our email campaigns etc. Whatever you’re thinking give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll help in whatever way we can.

Perhaps you’re opening an new branch or office, or you may be a property agent or booking agency wanting to list guest houses etc. To add extra listings, you can sign up to one of our paid plans or pay as you go. Just give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll arrange the extra listings for you.

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